Stable Browser vs Fastest Browser

Firefox Vs Chrome Vs Chromium Chrome & Firefox are my current favourite browser. I was previously using chromium but stopped using because of this bug. Since then I switch between chrome and firefox. Chrome is fastest, better UI & UX. Firefox is stable. Today I faced issue with my flash player in chrome(Ubuntu 64 bit OS). All the youtube video starts playing at 2x - 3x speed. After few mins video plays in normal speed. [Read More]

What GNU/Linux Operating System lacks ?

I am GNU/Linux user for almost 4 years, saying that I don’t switch back to windows for any day to day activities, being said that GNU/Linux operating system’s lacks lot of * applications *. There are lot superior command line applications but those are intended for religious command line humans. I have been using mac osx 10.6. for 3-4 weeks, it seems to have all applications but I don’t feel at ~. [Read More]