Stable Browser vs Fastest Browser

Firefox Vs Chrome Vs Chromium

Chrome & Firefox are my current favourite browser. I was previously using chromium but stopped using because of this bug.

Since then I switch between chrome and firefox. Chrome is fastest, better UI & UX. Firefox is stable.

Today I faced issue with my flash player in chrome(Ubuntu 64 bit OS). All the youtube video starts playing at 2x - 3x speed. After few mins video plays in normal speed. This is been really annoying me a lot, whereas there is no issue with Firefox.

Stable vs Fastest

I never faced any wierd issue like Chrome or Chromium in firefox but what bothers me using Firefox is speed.

Firefox memory management is entirely different from chrome. Every tab on chrome is separate process whereas in firefox they share the same memory as result, switching between tabs and response time of firefox icons isn’t as fast chrome.

Other reason I love Chromim/chrome is writing extension/addons is dead simple.

Now I am confused whether to use the stable browser or fastest browser.

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