What GNU/Linux Operating System lacks ?

I am GNU/Linux user for almost 4 years, saying that I don’t switch back to windows for any day to day activities, being said that GNU/Linux operating system’s lacks lot of * applications *. There are lot superior command line applications but those are intended for religious command line humans.

I have been using mac osx 10.6. for 3-4 weeks, it seems to have all applications but I don’t feel at ~.

Applications that needs to be improved

All mail clients like thunderbird, evolution suck big time. When you start connecting 4-5 accounts with more than 10000 emails, then slowly you feel the pain. I have used mutt but I have pain while reading mailing list replies.
Native Twitter Client. There are decent ones like Hotot but it crashes often and I see segfault & coredump. Then I switched to Tweet Deck.
Decent Calendar application.

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