RC Week 0110

This week, I reached the first milestone of the project - imon which I worked on for past couple of weeks. imon is a command-line utility to record all network traffic and classify the data according to the domain name. Here is a high-level presentation of the project.I am looking for code review on the project and happy to answer any questions. I wrote a blog post about my experience with Rust. [Read More]

My Experience With Rust

When I was about to leave to RC in few weeks, wrote an E-mail to Puneeth asking for Do's and Don'ts at RC. One of the line in the mail said, Since you are a Python guy, don’t write any Python code while you are there. Do something completely different. I contemplated which language to choose. Other than Python, I knew a decent amount of Go-lang and Javascript. I previously attempted to learn rust but never dived deep into it. [Read More]

RC week 0101

Time flies faster than you can perceive. The first half of twelve weeks experimental journey ends this week. This week was the last week for Fall 01, 2016 batch and my batch is due in next six weeks. I wish everyone in Fall 01, 2016 batch Good luck for their future endeavors. I made few friends, helped few people in their project; few helped me in my projects and a lot of unnoticed learnings. [Read More]

RC Week 0100

I had a decent progress with my rust HTTP traffic monitor. I read a lot about the different type of packets like Ethernet Packet, IPv4 Packet, TCP Packet, UDP Packet, DNS Packets. I wrote a parser for Physical Layer packet, TCP Packet, UDP Packet, DNS Packet. The parser helped me understand a lot about rust functions, data types like array, vectors, string and string literal. I am not enjoying the relationship with rust lifetimes. [Read More]