RC week 0101

Time flies faster than you can perceive.

The first half of twelve weeks experimental journey ends this week.

This week was the last week for Fall 01, 2016 batch and my batch is due in next six weeks. I wish everyone in Fall 01, 2016 batch Good luck for their future endeavors. I made few friends, helped few people in their project; few helped me in my projects and a lot of unnoticed learnings.

Finally, I have a working prototype, the daemon captures all WiFi traffic, caches DNS requests and stores the domain traffic for every day in the SQLite DB. The client connects to the daemon over TCP socket and queries the data. Below is a screen shot of the daemon and the client side by side.

I am working on this project to this week to address cache misses, add test cases and refactor the existing code. You can follow the GitHub repo for updates.

Winter 01, 2016 batch starts on Monday, 7th November. Welcome to RC and enjoy your time here!

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