Quiet - Book Review

Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking is an excellent book about introverts and what makes introvert an introvert. The book dives deep how different culture views introvert, analyses what intrigues introverts and in what circumstances they effectively work. The book makes a lot of parallel comparisons with extroverts. What intrigues extroverts and why introverts are good at solving complex problems.

The book accounts for various behavior patterns like how introverts behave in the social events, how to raise introvert kids without nonsense advice. The author has drawn a lot of case studies from researchers about extroverts and introvert behavior; what happens when introvert and extrovert talk each other and what sort of topics comes up and when does introvert act like an extrovert.

The book touches my favorite subject, why introvert dislikes open office culture which reduces productivity and impair memory.

Being an introvert, I thoroughly enjoyed the book, at times it was self-revelation and similar to personal incidents. After reading the book, one can relate how the world is extrovert-centric. If non-fiction interests you or you’re an introvert, you can’t miss the gem.

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