RC Week 0010

This week has been a mixed ride with the torrent client. I completed the two pending features seeding and UDP tracker. The torrent client has a major issue with downloading larger torrent file like ubuntu iso file. The client starts the downloads from a set of peers and slowly halts at sock.recv after exchanging a handful of packets. At this juncture CPU spikes to 100% when sock.recv blocks. Initially, the code relied on asyncio only features, now the code uses curio library. Next time you write async code in Python 3, I would suggest use curio. Curio’s single feature of tracking all tasks states is magical wand for debugging. The live debugging facility helped me track down the blocking part of my code. Here is how curio’s debug monitor looks

I am sure; the bug should be a logical error in the code, or I am doing async completely wrong. I will travel with a bug for a day or two and see where I land. This task is slowly emerging the toughest bug I have faced.

I am happy, people at RC are keen to help and assist in all different ways. In case you’re reading this and have asyncio expertise to assist me, I will glad to hear. The easiest way to replicate the bug is to check out the code, switch to curio branch, install requirements in Python 3.5 venv and run the command python cli.py download ~/Downloads/ubuntu-16.04.1-desktop-amd64.iso.torrent --loglevel=debug. After a minute or two you can see the program using 100% CPU in htop or top. Feel free to leave a comment or ping me in twitter.

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