RC week 0011

This week commenced with the second project at RC in rust. I am building a command line utility to monitor internet bandwidth consumption categorized by websites. I had a general idea of how to go about it and drew rough sketches.

As a lot of people suggested me, I am fighting battles with rust compiler in a life time and borrowing. I hit my first road block with pcap library and here is the issue. I am using threads, socket in the application together (Tough battles at the same time!). So far progress is dull because of the unfamiliarity of the language. In a week’s time, I will have a useful piece which does one part.

On Sunday afternoon, I walked all the way from Nostrand Avenue in Brooklyn to Recurse center. Thanks, David Branner for seeding the thought. I enjoyed the road sidewalk amongst joggers, empty parks, couples cycling, graffiti, all other objects. Walking on Manhattan Bridge’s pedestrian was scenic, and I could spend hours look at the water, boats, and statue of liberty like a cheery on the cake.

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