Can PyPy be used for web application deployment ?

What is PyPy ? PyPy is an implementation of Python in Python which uses JIT(Just In Time) translation. Why to Use PyPy? According to benchmarks “It depends greatly on the type of task being performed. The geometric average of all benchmarks is 0.18 or 5.6 times faster than CPython”. Experience? I have used PyPy for sandboxing for my project pylive, tested flask with pypy, ported brubeck to work on pypy, tested lastuser in PyPy 2. [Read More]

How to run Python Linux commands in PyPy ?

I have been using PyPy from 1.6. Now PyPy 2.0beta1 is out. Most of python libraries which don’t have c extensions as dependencies work(exceptions are present). E.g: requests, fabric, gunicorn Install PyPy2.0beta1 Grab 32 or 64 bit pypy2.0 beta1. If you are using ubuntu grab libc2.5. `` bzip2 pypy-2.0-beta1-linux64-libc2.15.tar.bz2 `` `` tar -xvf pypy-2.0-beta1-linux64-libc2.15.tar `` <code>curl -O <a href="" target="_blank"></a></code> <code>curl -O <a href="" target="_blank"></a></code> `` ./pypy-2.0-beta1/bin/pypy `` `` . [Read More]