How to run Python Linux commands in PyPy ?

I have been using PyPy from 1.6. Now PyPy 2.0beta1 is out. Most of python libraries which don’t have c extensions as dependencies work(exceptions are present).

E.g: requests, fabric, gunicorn

Install PyPy2.0beta1

  1. Grab 32 or 64 bit pypy2.0 beta1. If you are using ubuntu grab libc2.5.

  2. bzip2 pypy-2.0-beta1-linux64-libc2.15.tar.bz2

  3. tar -xvf pypy-2.0-beta1-linux64-libc2.15.tar

  4. curl -O

  5. curl -O

  6. ./pypy-2.0-beta1/bin/pypy

  7. ./pypy-2.0-beta1/bin/pypy

  8. ./pypy-2.0-beta1/bin/pip install virtualenv

  9. Please feel free to create alias. Here is sample alias.

    alias pypy2b="/home/kracekumar/downloads/pypy-2.0-beta1/bin/pypy" alias pypy2b-pip='/home/kracekumar/downloads/pypy-2.0-beta1/bin/pip' alias pypy2b-venv='/home/kracekumar/downloads/pypy-2.0-beta1/bin/virtualenv'

Next ?

  1. pypy2b-pip install fabric

  2. Add pypy bin directory to $PATH, export PATH=$PATH:/home/kracekumar/downloads/pypy-2.0-beta1/bin or open ~/.bashrc add export PATH=$PATH:/home/kracekumar/downloads/pypy-2.0-beta1/bin and source ~/.bashrc.

  3.  kracekumar@aadukalam:~/codes/python-wiktionary$ which fab

  4. kracekumar@aadukalam:~/codes/python-wiktionary$ cat which fab
    # EASY-INSTALL-ENTRY-SCRIPT: ‘Fabric==1.5.1’,‘console_scripts’,‘fab’
    requires = ‘Fabric==1.5.1’
    import sys
    from pkg_resources import load_entry_point
    if name == ’main’:
    sys.exit( load_entry_point(‘Fabric==1.5.1’, ‘console_scripts’, ‘fab’)()

So fab now uses pypy interpreter rather than CPython.

But there are other commands like history, gwibber-service which are installed via apt-get can’t use PyPy since apt-get doesn’t support pypy since it is unstable.


  • There should be way developer can specify in debian/ubuntu repo to look for PyPy in the user installation if not use CPython.

  • apt-get is written in python, if distros ship pypy and apt-get works well, there is a chance PyPy will became main stream in linux packaging.

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