HTTPie and Print HTTP Request

HTTPie is a command-line utility for making HTTP requests with more straightforward syntax(controversial, I agree). The interesting feature is --offline flag which prints HTTP raw request text. The client sends the HTTP request to the server, and the server responds to the request. It’s an alternate to curl. HTTP Syntax HTTP Flow and syntrax from Wikipedia. A client sends request messages to the server, which consist of a request line, consisting of the case-sensitive request method, a space, the request target, another space, the protocol version, a carriage return, and a line feed (e. [Read More]
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Funny experience of using trace module to trace function call

I came across this issue in httpie and started my investigation. The problem is while pretty printing the json, output is alpha sorted because keys are hashed and user wanted to preserve the order. Then I made 3 comments to the issue. First comment was half correct and explained why it isn’t possible to get the desired output, quickly I figured my assumptions were wrong and second comment explained what is actually happening, finally I proposed the solution. [Read More]