Capture all browser HTTP[s] calls to load a web page

How does one find out what network calls, browser requests to load web pages? The simple method - download the HTML page, parse the page, find out all the network calls using web parsers like beautifulsoup. The shortcoming in the method, what about the network calls made by your browser before requesting the web page? For example, firefox makes a call to to obtain revocation status on digital certificates. The protocol is Online Certificate Status Protocol. [Read More]
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http request examples for luasocket

I was looking for http library in lua and landed in luasocket.http page. It isn’t well documented, sent few GET, POST, PUT requests and figured few bits. This blog post aims in bridging the gap(code examples). In this example, I will use httpbin as target site. The complete code is available as gist. The following code should be executed like a standalone lua file(lua lua_httpbin.lua) and while executing the code in interpreter please make local variables http, ltn12, base_url as global variables. [Read More]