easy_install broken in os x mavericks

I hardly use easy_install. Nowadays all the python requirements are installed via pip. IPython is my primary python console. After installing mavericks, I installed IPython and fired IPython console. Following warning message appeared ➜ ~ ipython /Library/Python/2.7/site-packages/IPython/utils/rlineimpl.py:94: RuntimeWarning: ****************************************************************************** libedit detected - readline will not be well behaved, including but not limited to: * crashes on tab completion * incorrect history navigation * corrupting long-lines * failure to wrap or indent lines properly It is highly recommended that you install readline, which is easy_installable: easy_install readline Note that `pip install readline` generally DOES NOT WORK, because it installs to site-packages, which come *after* lib-dynload in sys. [Read More]