Notes from Root Conf Day 2 - 2017

On day 2, I spent a considerable amount of time networking and attend only four sessions. Spotswap: running production APIs on Spot instance Amazon EC2 spot instances are cheaper than on-demand server costs. Spot instances run when the bid price is greater than market/spot instance price. Mapbox API server uses spot instances which are part of auto-scaling server Auto scaling group is configured with min, desired, max parameters. Latency should be low and cost effective EC2 has three types of instances: On demand, reserved and spot. [Read More]

Notes from Root Conf Day 1 - 2017

Root Conf is a conference on DevOps and Cloud Infrastructure. 2017 edition’s theme is service reliability. Following is my notes from Day 1. State of the open source monitoring landscape The speaker of the session is the co-founder of Icinga monitoring system. I missed first ten minutes of the talk.-The talk is a comparison of all available OSS options for monitoring, visualization. Auto-discovery is hard. As per 2015 monitoring tool usage survey, Nagios is widely used. [Read More]