Best weekend in recent times

Normally I don’t plan weekends. I code, watch movies. This weekend (8th March) was different though. March 7th, friday evening wasn’t good. I was banging my head at work to get api working. Then came back home. Relaxed for an hour Facebook, Youtube. Then opened emacs and started to play Raja sir’s music. Stared at code, walked along the execution. Figured out the issue. Can’t ask for more. Calm and code. Slept at 3.00 AM.

Woke up at 12:00 PM and had brunch. Plugged in my external hard disk. Found bunch of new movies downloaded by my friend. The wolf of wallstreet caught my eyes. Watched and enjoyed it. When movie was about to get over, someone knocked the door. With all the unwillingness, I woke up and opened the door. Apartment security gave a parcel. He lit my face. It was a courier containing books that were ordered three days back. Courier had four books ஆயிரத்தொரு அரேபிய இரவுகள் - Ayirathoru Arabia Iravugal, கவிராஜன் கதை - Kavirajan Kadhai, திருத்தி எழுதிய தீர்ப்புகள் - Thiruthi Ezhudhiya Theerpukal, நானே எனக்கொரு போதிமரம் - Naney Enakkoru Bodhiram. Once the movie was over, as usual went to Kaikondrahalli lake.

After spending few hours outside, came back home. Started flipping the pages of Ayirathoru Arabia Iravugal. Couldn’t resist much. It was beauftifully written book (85 pages). S Ramakrishnan’s writing and speech always amazes me with simplicity. Watched half of Captain Philips movie and went to sleep.

Next day started reading Ayirathoru Arabia Iravugal. Completed the book in half an hour and started to watch the movie. Movie got over around 12.30. Next book is Kavirajan Kadhai. Read few pages and went for lunch. Came back in 30 minutes and continued. Completed the book in 3 hours. Needn’t say Vairamuthu made me shed tears at many places. Went for a evening walk around the lake. Spent an hour. Started with Thiruthi Ezhudhiya Theerpukal. This is also by Vairamuthu. Enjoyed a lot. It was written in free verse in 1979. Completed the book in few hours. I was overjoyed reading back to back books.

What can I say now, books, movies, music (while writing the blog post) gave me absolute pleasure. Something is missing. Yes code ;-(. I missed. I am figuring out how can I get best of weekend and free time with books, code, movies, writing, meetups. Seems books, movies on saturday and code, writing on sunday.

Books cooked happiness.
Movies made the hour.
Weekend went without deadend.
Finally moon is missing.
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