taking rest

On my way back to home from work I was thinking, I should take rest. In my world rest always meant working on some non work codebase, reading a book, watching a movie. But I don’t want to do any of these. Then I thought I would just listen to songs, quickly remembered that will not work out because I will start coding.

Finally I started to ask myself, is it possible for any human being to sit idle and take rest. Immediately I gave up. Brain will start thinking about something or other, you will be pulled into it.

Since I have computer, mobile phone, physical book I consider switching between. Well, somepeople will talk to other so called human beings in real life or in phone. I can’t find any one whom I can ring up and speak without an agenda.

How would my forefathers relaxed 200 years back ?

Oh ya, you would catch up for a beer right? I don’t drink. I can’t meditate. I don’t live near beach. Well, I have a lake near by but it is closed after 7 PM but I reach at 10 PM.

I can’t draw, gym, paint, sing. Yes I can write poetry but I don’t want to do that as well. I don’t have a pet too.

Finally, it seems machines play key role in relaxing. Damn it.

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