2 weeks after installing Ubuntu 12.04 64bit in MacBook

Its been two weeks, since I installed Ubuntu 64 bit in MacBook. Let me say how I feel about.

My setup isn’t complicated, I use sublime2, terminator, gnome-terminal, ipython, pypy-2.0beta, postgres, mosh, firefox-nightly, chromium, chrome, clementine, xchat-gnome, hotot(recent addition).

Also installed nividia drivers for ubuntu. I am happy I installed ubuntu but had issue with right click and figured shift + F10 is short cut.

Hate Hate Hate

If you are using data-card you must have noticed default modem-manager is buggy. If I suspend my system for 10 hours and try to activate the device no response. You kill the process and restart it doesn’t work, So I need to restart the machine. Really din’t find solution for it :-(.

Occassionally after resuming from suspend mode, system load is 100%, I don’t know reason is due to firefox nightly or hotot(I had lot memory leaks in past), only way to find out memory usage of firefox is about:memory which doesn’t display tab wise memory usage rather by componenet wise.

I like Mac keyboard and weight compared to my toshibha not sure my next laptop will be MacBook.

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