What I like about Python

Lynn Root asked in twitter what you like and like to improve in python https://twitter.com/roguelynn/status/259338864664125440. Following are my observation


  1. Importance to documentation..
  2. Clean syntax.
  3. Easy to get started for non CS background people.
  4. lot of smart programmers.
  5. Libraries like IPython, requests, flask.
  6. Creating libraries like pygments, sphinx, readthedocs to solve * REAL * problem.

I would like/want to improve

  1. python.org site
  2. While programmers are reading docs.python.org, code snippets should be executable right from the page(I have plans to start this as personal project).
  3. Ship real documentation server like godoc(I will tentatively start this work in second week of november).
  4. Solve concurrency in core with CPython.
  5. Make python first class programming language in Windows.
  6. Better support for tablet, smart phone application development.

Apart from all the above python community is awesome(yes my english is poor yu know that).

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