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A simple question can open a door for new exploration. While I was at RC, I tweeted “Is there any meetup group similar to papers we love for discussing RFCS?”. In an interval of nine minutes, Jaseem replied: “Let’s start one :)”

Above discussion on Twitter, lead to a new focus group RFCS We Love in Bangalore by Nemo, Jaseem, Avinash and Kracekumar. The first meetup held today, 28-01-2017. 15 interested and ethusiatic people attended the meetup. Anand and Govind presented RFC 3629 (UTF-8) and RFC 6238 (TOTP) respectively. The slides and videos links are available in GitHub README.

The Indian Union recognises two official languages, twenty-two scheduled languages with no national language. For the above mentioned reason, presenting Unicode as the first talk of the new experiment is apt, and I can’t ask for a better start. It was a pure coincidence to have Unicode RFC in the first ever meetup. I don’t know whether Anand, thought in the above lines.

If RFCS interests you, and you’re in Bangalore, follow the group and join the meetup. If you’re in any other city, you can start one too!

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step - Lao.

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