Animal Farm Review

Animal Farm’s satire makes the novella interesting to read. Written after Bolshevik revolution and no reason why lot go over gaga. Confining to Bolshevik revolution is tunnel view. The core of the novella resembles with lot of today’s politics and ancient kingdom. For a moment forget about the bolshevik revolution. Rebellion outbursts, the leader comes to power and slowly vanquishes non believers in ideas or voices. Slowly becomes benevolent dictator for life, corrupt and power moves from people to few hands. Change the word rebellion to whatever it is/was called during the time period. Isn’t this the perfect politics all over the world ? Think of Indian political parties, Tamil Nadu parties. You got it right ? It rises few questions can some one have too much of power ? Rather than human, an organization can have (some say it is already at place) all power at disposal controlled by few.

It boils down to humans thirst of power, leverage the power, ride on others work and lead king size life!

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