RC week 0101

Time flies faster than you can perceive. The first half of twelve weeks experimental journey ends this week. This week was the last week for Fall 01, 2016 batch and my batch is due in next six weeks. I wish everyone in Fall 01, 2016 batch Good luck for their future endeavors. I made few friends, helped few people in their project; few helped me in my projects and a lot of unnoticed learnings. [Read More]

RC Week 0100

I had a decent progress with my rust HTTP traffic monitor. I read a lot about the different type of packets like Ethernet Packet, IPv4 Packet, TCP Packet, UDP Packet, DNS Packets. I wrote a parser for Physical Layer packet, TCP Packet, UDP Packet, DNS Packet. The parser helped me understand a lot about rust functions, data types like array, vectors, string and string literal. I am not enjoying the relationship with rust lifetimes. [Read More]

RC week 0011

This week commenced with the second project at RC in rust. I am building a command line utility to monitor internet bandwidth consumption categorized by websites. I had a general idea of how to go about it and drew rough sketches. As a lot of people suggested me, I am fighting battles with rust compiler in a life time and borrowing. I hit my first road block with pcap library and here is the issue. [Read More]

RC Week 0010

This week has been a mixed ride with the torrent client. I completed the two pending features seeding and UDP tracker. The torrent client has a major issue with downloading larger torrent file like ubuntu iso file. The client starts the downloads from a set of peers and slowly halts at sock.recv after exchanging a handful of packets. At this juncture CPU spikes to 100% when sock.recv blocks. Initially, the code relied on asyncio only features, now the code uses curio library. [Read More]

RC week 0001

This week, I made considerable progress on the BitTorrent client which I started a week back. The client is in a usable state to download the data from the swarm. The source code is available on GitHub. The project uses Python 3.5 async/await and asyncio. I presented the torrent client in RC Thursday five minute presentation evening slot. Here is the link to the slides. Here is quick video demo recorded with asciinema. [Read More]

RC week 0000

The long awaited Recurse Center debut day, 26th Sep 2016 kick started with a welcome note by Nicholas Bergson-Shilcock and David Albert ; decorated by other events and activities to get to know the batchmates; the culture of RC and ended with closing note by Sonali Sridhar. At the end of the day, I had decided to build a BitTorrent client as a first project. I was at the crossroad to choose Python or Rust or Go for the project. [Read More]


I’m attending Recurse Center fall'02, 2016 batch. I’m excited (yes, without emoticons) to be in RC and New York. RC is different from schools, boot camps, universities for various reasons. The two reason I like the most is “Never Graduate” and “self-directed learning.” A lot to learn from peers, experiments, and discussions. Next, 12 weeks will be intense and what can a programmer ask for more than time to solve problems and understand how things for. [Read More]