Expose jupyter notebook over the network

What is the Jupyter notebook? The Jupyter Notebook is a web application that allows you to create and share documents that contain live code, equations, visualisations and explanatory text. The definition is from the official site. I use IPython/Jupyter shell all time. If you haven’t tried, spend 30 minutes and witness the power! At times, I want to share some code snippet with folks in the same building during work, workshop or training. [Read More]

ipynb2viewer - Afternoon hack

ipython nbconvert has lot of handy options to convert ipynb to markdown, html etc… But I wanted to upload ipynb to gist.github.com and create a link in nbviewer.ipython.org. Started with curl and soon realized, it is getting messy. So wrote a small python program ipynb2viewer, Source code. Install pip install ipynb2viewer Usage Upload all ipynb files in the given path to gist.github.com and return nbviewer urls. ipynb2viewer all <path> Upload mentioned file to gist. [Read More]