On leaving HasGeek

Today (31-12-2013) is my last working day at HasGeek. It was in July 2012, I joined HasGeek. It was fabulous journey for past 18 months, meeting lot of new people, being part of events, writing lot of code. I was part of large, medium, small conferences like Fifth elephant (2012, 2013), Cartonama (2012), JSFoo(2012, 2013), Droidcon (2012, 2013), Metarefresh (2013), various hacknight and geekup. I will be joning Aplopio Technology Inc, flagship product recruiterbox on 16 January, 2014. [Read More]

How I got into HasGeek Crew

Background about me I am kracekumar, graduated from Amrita school of Engineering, Coimbatore in B.Tech IT (2007-2011). I am working with IBM India Pvt Ltd, Bangalore as Associate System Engineer from 14th July, 2011 til 16th July, 2012.(C# developer but never wrote single line of code in c# in IBM). I am GNU/Linux user for 3 years and developed application in PHP, Rails, Flask(all are hobby projects). Scene I was not happy with job at IBM and I had training bond for one year(14th July, 2011 to 13th July 2012), decided to resign from my job once bond period is over whether I have new job offer or not. [Read More]