Updating model instance attribute in django

It is very common to update single attribute of a model instance (say update first name in user profile) and save it to db. In [18]: u = User.objects.get(id=1) In [19]: u.first_name = u"kracekumar" In [20]: u.save() Very straight forward approach. How does django send the sql query to database ? In [22]: from django.db import connection In [22]: connection.queries Out[22]: [... {u'sql': u'UPDATE "auth_user" SET "password" = \'pbkdf2_sha256$12000$vsHWOlo1ZhZg$DrC46wq+a2jEtEzxmUEw4vQw8oV/rxEK7zVi30QLGF4=\', "last_login" = \'2014-02-01 06:55:44. [Read More]