Incomplete data is useless - COVID-19 India data

The data is a representation of reality. When a value is missing in the piece of data, it makes it less useful and reliable. Every day, articles, a news report about COVID-19 discuss the new cases, recovered cases, and deceased cases. This information gives you a sense of hope or reality or confusion. Regarding COVID-19, everyone believes or accepts specific details as fact like mortality rate is 2 to 3 percent, over the age of fifty, the chance of death is 30 to 50 percent. [Read More]

“Don’t touch your face” - Neural Network will warn you

A few days back, Keras creator, Francois Chollet tweeted A Keras/TF.js challenge: make a model that processes a webcam feed and detects when someone touches their face (triggering a loud beep).“ The very next day, I tried the Keras yolov3 model available in the Github. It was trained on the coco80 dataset and could detect person but not the face touch. V1 Training The original Keras implementation lacked documentation to train fromscratch or transfer learning. [Read More]