Reliance filed 420 case against me in Delhi consumer court

22, June 2013

I woke up like any other morning thinking of closing a github issue.I went out to pick up food items for the weekend, once I was back my friend said “ You got a call on Tamil Nadu number”.

I reverted the call and the person said “I am calling from Delhi consumer court, confirmed my name, address where I stayed in feb, 2009, added RC Gowtham has filled a 420 case against you(dc801/2013, couldn’t find status in and gave his phone number”.

I called to RC Gowtham and asked for details. Reason is I haven’t paid my Reliance Bill and he gave me Reliance ID. He hung the call saying “Case will be in Delhi consumer court on monday”.

Then I rushed to near by Reliance communication and enquired the details against the reliance id. I heard the whooping amount of 4435 is pending but actual bill must be 500+.

Then I spoke to customer care found out the bill was generated on february 2009, amount was 540. Now with the penalty I need to pay 4435.

I remember paying the bill and properly terminating the connection by returning the equipment in Peelamedu, Coimbatore. In March(update: 06/02/2009) we shifted our house.

1.00 PM

I spoke to the person from Delhi who called me up earlier. I am supposed to pay the amount by 3.00 PM and pass on the bill details else I have to fight the case in Delhi consumer court. Seems the person who called me might be hired by Reliance.


  1. Why hasn’t reliance called to me in last 4 years to collect the bill ? I haven’t changed my number in past 6 years.
  2. Is there a way I can fight this ?
  3. How can a person from Coimbatore, living in Bangalore will fight a case in Delhi court ?

Apart from paying the money, I don’t have any option to exit from this problem. Any thoughts ?


  1. I have complaint filed against disconnection on 4th february 2009, complaint no: 88025881.
  2. Customer care couldn’t find the status or resolution for the complaint since its 4 year old.
  3. I have reopened the thread. Hope this time I get reply.
  4. At 3.05 PM I got the call from the person and I said “My lawyer will handle this”. He replied “case is on monday morning”.
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