21 3 / 2012

Flipkart(www.flipkart.com) is top 100 sites across the globe and India’s leading E-commerce website. My first online purchase was from Flipkart and majority of purchases till today is from Flipkart. I need to say their customer support is awesome and people are ready to pay higher for it.

Strength of Flipkart

  1. More than 4+ years on Indian experience.
  2. Huge investment to understand Indian people’s need.
  3. Own logistics
  4. less than 24 hours delivery in few cities.
  5. Excellent customer support

There were rumours(possibly truth) amazon tried to purchase flipkart.

Main difference between amazon and flipkart is amazon tries to achieve PAAS(Platform As A Service) for distributors or dealers but whereas flipkart sells product online. So anyone can sell products in amazon.com and junglee.com. But that’s not the case with flipkart.

I tried a small test. I wanted to buy "The Lean Startup" by Eric Ries. So I searched in www.flipkart.com and www.junglee.com, below is the screen shot.

As a customer, I went on to purchase with Indiaplaza. Though flipkart is in a state of danger, but loyal customers will always come back.

Who benefits from Junglee.com

  1. Companies which struggled to compete with flipkart
  2. Distributors

With junglee.com many E-commerce sites which struggled will be able make huge money, if they provide valuable after service and pre sales with quality product.

If flipkart introduces same model, then there will real fight for the pie.

SInce Junglee.com is amazon’s child, profit will land up in USA’s pocket, though Indian sellers gets only Icing on the cake.